Quick Start

  1. Open FileMaker Pro Advanced > Preferences > Plugins.
    • Ensure that Allow Solutions to Install Files is enabled.
  2. Open Carafe.fmp12 and choose a Bundle.
    • Follow the prompts in Deploy > Standard to add it to your solution.
  3. Create a new empty Web Viewer with object name web in your solution.
    • (You may choose to customize the object name later.)

Run the script you deployed. That's it!

Read the comments in the deployed script for details on replacing the sample data with your own data source.

Tip: If you plan to trigger FileMaker scripts from the Bundle, open File > Manage > Security… and ensure the fmurlscript Extended Privilege is enabled.

System Requirements

  • Deployed Carafe Bundles work with FileMaker Pro 16+
  • Carafe.fmp12 deployment tool requires FileMaker Pro Advanced 17+